You only need 5 minutes to be ready for Midlife..

What are you talking about Caroline?
5 minutes is not enough to get ready for my midlife, I need much more time to do that… but I don’t have time to do that.
My point exactly!

Our midlife can be full on – work, kids, parents, commitments, managing menopause, maybe doing just enough to get through each day to be able to rinse and repeat. I don’t mean that to sound totally negative, if we lose sight of all the other marvellous things midlife has to offer, it can seem like sometimes.

But, 5 minutes, really, can that make a difference?

5 minutes may not seem like a lot of time, but consistently using 5 minutes to get tasks done will soon build up – think bigger picture, 5 minutes every day for a week, month, year, 5 years, 10 years etc.

But what to do with those 5 minutes, well that is up to you. What do you need or want to fit in to your current midlife that isn’t happening? I break it down in to 5 areas (this is not exhaustive by any means, add what you need)

1. Time for ME
2. Movement
3. Get it Done
4. Nourish and Hydrate
5. Connect

Just 5 Minutes

Could you spend a minute on each at the beginning of the day, to plan and decide what you need in each of these areas, for example:

Me – Today I need a walk by myself, to eat lunch outside, to go to the gym, time to study, dream
Movement – I am going to be doing my yoga class, stretch while I watch tv, book in that massage for later this week, do my squats while the kettle boils
Get it done – what one things needs to be done to day, or this week – that phone call, email, sending the returns back, make that appointment
Nourish and Hydrate – where is my water, what have I got ready for lunch, what’s for dinner
Connect – I want to meet up with Sarah, I want to talk, laugh, have some fun with..


Time to talk

Can you book these 5 minutes in your diary, if its in the diary, we are more than likely going to action it.

Let’s take movement for example, if you took 5 minutes every hour to get up and move around / walk / a quick workout over an 8 -12-hour day adds up to 40- 60 minutes for you.
Maybe you prefer 60 minutes, or 30 minutes or 10 minute blocks – that’s great and what work is what will get you ready for your future midlife and fit into your current midlife

An all or nothing approach can be tricky, we are all in, on it, we are super focussed, nothing is going to stop us now, until something does… a change of appointment, work schedule, the kids or parents are poorly, then that time has gone, and it may be hard to get back into the routine, we then end up losing momentum, and stopping.

This doesn’t apply to everything, usually just us, our “me” time, occasionally, OK, but we need that consistency for our midlife long-term goals, current and future goals.

Why 5 minutes? (Or more) because it becomes part of the routine, it gives us the opportunity every day and it is achievable. When needed we can adapt – to increase things or sometimes slow down, and then being able to pick back up because it is part of our routine.

Our wants, needs, goals, dreams, and motivation plays big in this too. What motivates you to move, to be prepared, to plan, prepare for and be ready for your Midlife?

For me, I am preparing for my future self, all I do now – not only benefits me right now, but is leading me to me in years to come. Working on my dreams, my health and fitness, 5 minutes at a time.

Have you got 5 minutes to think about that?

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