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What is Complete Fitness and Wellbeing?

It is the combination of the services I offer you, which have evolved over the last few years. Each one is fantastic as a standalone service, combined, well, that’s a complete fit!

Over the last 13 years I have worked in the health and fitness industry, starting out having personal training – being a client – and falling in love with movement and how it made me feel, mentally and physically, to becoming a Personal Trainer myself, then a Massage Therapist, Pelvic Floor and Core Coach and soon to be Therapeutic Coach.

Why, because as I worked with more and more women, one thing became abundantly clear – we need a lot more than just “a workout” “just some pelvic floor squeezes” “just a hot bubble bath” “just one massage and hope that it cures all our aches and pains”

We are unique and so is our story, past, present and where we want to be in the future. So, no one size fits all, or just one thing works alone. We need a mix, variety, support, understanding and accountability.

During the pandemic things changed for everyone. Work wise, I took the tentative steps of being “online” for personal training, classes and even massage.
Now my services are available in person and online. Let me tell you all about them.

Personal Training:

A personal trainer is someone who works with you on YOUR health and fitness goals.
They listen to what YOU want to achieve and devise training programmes and work outs for you to get to that goal.
A personal trainer will also help you if you have plateaued in your current plan, motivate you, show you new ways to move, know when to progress or regress your training, how much and when to push you further than you thought you could go.
I found my way into health and fitness by having a Personal Trainer. Coming from a background of not enjoying sport or PE, it opened my eyes, mind and body to the possibilities that I could achieve.
To find out more head over to the Personal Training page.

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Pelvic Floor and Core Programmes from Holistic Core Restore:

A Holistic Core Restore(r) coach delivers Holistic Core Restore®️ programmes that are specifically designed for women, their pelvic floor and core health – whatever stage of life they are at, whatever the issue or concern is, there is something we can offer to help you to get the results you want.

The programmes are not just a “one size fits all” they are as unique as you are and this is taken into account via our through screening process. This isn’t just a “do the work” programme, we look at what’s going on in your life, and we look at “doing rest, recovery, taking time for yourself” too, and this can often be more important to begin with.

Whether you are preparing for or recovering from surgery – c-section, hysterectomy, have a Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Feel disconnected from your pelvic floor, have back issues, a weak core, or want to understand the why when you sneeze you leak or put the key in the front door you do, how our nutrition and lifestyle can affect our pelvic floor.

We start where you are right now, we do the work, we get results and we progress, we move on to the next goal you have.
Your pelvic floor health, you overall physical health and general wellbeing will look after during your time on ANY holistic Core Restore programme.
To learn more about the programmes, take a look here at the Holistic Core Restore Page: 

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The Online Memberships.

The Complete Fit Memberships “working out in the comfort of your own home” (and one less thing for you to think about and plan) came into being during the first lock down in 2020.

The online memberships are designed for you and your midlife health and fitness goals, needs, and wants.
Firstly we have the “Complete Fit Live Membership”. We workout together up to 6 times a week, set days and times, on zoom, and also streamed into our private Facebook group.
The workouts are all 30 minutes, designed for your midlife fitness – covering Cardio and Core, Weights and More, Metabolic 5, Resistance Bands and Balance and Strength, plus a Holistic Core Restore Class a week too.
Support, motivation, information, accountability and community as well as great workouts is what you’ll get here – live, or on catch up if you can’t make a live class.

If our live timetable doesn’t fit in with your schedule, but you want the variety of workouts, we have the “Complete Fit Workout Library membership. You have access to all the live workouts which are saved on the website for you to access, and a variety of different workouts added over time. Ready as and when you want them and fitting in with you.
Here are more details about the memberships.

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Complete Fit Midlife Therapeutic Coaching.

This is new! As well as doing all the “physical” work for our midlife health and fitness, sometimes we need something else.

Maybe you have something/s that have been on your mind, would you like to talk it through. To be heard, not interrupted, or given a quick fix but supported in a safe space for you to explore, process and work through what it is?

We often don’t have time, or make the time to acknowledge the thought, sit with it, notice how it makes us feel, not just in our head but in our body too.

With therapeutic coaching, together we look at the whole picture from the past, in the present and towards the future and combining not just what is going around in our head, but how our body has been and is responding to the topic/thought too:

Real life, Real Women, Real world. Our past, present and future are all connected. Is it time to look deeper at the topic/thought?
To find out more and if you would like to be part of my Diploma, be a case study, take a look here at the Therapeutic Page.

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Massage Therapy

Ahh, a massage – when did you last have one. We workout, we talk things through, and we may need some hands on work to help connect the two, or address any issues that are preventing us moving how we want to move or to actually make time to stop, lie down and relax.

A massage therapist is someone who uses a variety of techniques with their hands and maybe special instrument assisted tools to apply suitable pressure and movement to your soft tissue on your body.
The power of touch is an amazing thing. A Massage therapist can work specifically on areas of your body that feel stuck, need help to relax, soften, realign and reconnect, with the rest of the body.
Considering the effect massage can have to help us relax and allow the nervous system to step away from being on high alert most of the time and just be?

Massage is tailored to suit YOU and YOUR needs, through Sports Massage, Instrument Assisted Massage, Seated Massage and C-section, Hysterectomy and Abdominal Scar massage.
To read more on the benefits and the “why” of massages, head over to the Massage page here. 

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Putting the “Complete Fit” all together

I hope that seeing the services I provide, really do work on your complete fitness and wellbeing. ️

One thing I have realised over the years is that we all have a story, we all have needs, wants, busy lives, likes and dislikes, but at the heart of it all we want to feel good, move well and do the things we want to do – physically and mentally.

All aspects of your life, and your health and fitness goals are connected. Taking this into account we can work out a plan, a course, a workout, a release that will help you get there.

It you would like to arrange a time to talk about your Complete Fitness and Wellbeing then get in touch, I’d love to hear from you: