Sum Up of last week…

17th to 21st  October, I have to say, what a week in the Complete Fit Monthly Membership!

Our Membership is focussed on women in their midlife, on their menopause and the post menopause journey.

All we do in the group is designed to enhance this life stage we are all in – together. We workout and move to keep strong, fit, healthy, active, mobile, flexible, and balanced!  All things we need to take us into our futures.

We may not all have been aware of what was coming on this menopause journey, those who went through it 10, 20+ years ago had very different information available to them than we do now, as well as the “Shhhh, we don’t talk of such things” attitude, which is changing, now we are shouting it from the roof tops:

Don’t know what peri menopause is, let me tell you”,
Yep, that’s a symptom of perimenopause (one of 60+)”
You’re not losing you mind it’s called brain fog; it will pass.” 
Yes, you do need to nourish yourself with good nutrition and not diet as you used to do, because your body now really doesn’t appreciate it, it hasn’t got the hormones that once smoothed the way for that. “

In our membership we celebrated Menopause awareness with our usual workouts and some extra from our guest trainer Leanne, we had expert speakers in to share their knowledge and passion in the areas that all women may be affected by and need to know about.
For some it highlighted how little they had been told, advised about, and supported when they were going through their menopause.

Just 5 Minutes

We talked about our Stress, what it is, how we can deal with it, our Pelvic Floor and Vulvovaginal health – what may be common but is not normal and how we can support and treat such conditions. Nutrition, what can support and also hinder our menopause symptoms, how foods can make us feel – all the good feels and the not so good.
And our Mind. How are we processing these changes, how are we talking to ourselves, are we asking ourselves what we want, because this life stage is pretty full on and we may not have taken the time to stop, and say, hey, you, yes you. What. Do. You. Want and Need. And how can I help myself achieve this.

Time to talk

When you become aware of ALL the things we need to know, hadn’t thought about, then maybe applying and incorporating into our routines it can be rather overwhelming.

That sense of overwhelm not helped by our hormones fluctuating and settling at a lower levels.

What was my takeaway after a week of focus on this stage of life:

Wherever you are now, if you’ve been there and done that, or starting your journey, we have CHOICES.

There may be a postcode lottery for what help and treatments you can get, you may have limited resources and time, you may not know where to start or what to do first, but we do have the choice to take that first step. To make changes, add things, take them away to support ourselves and how we want to feel, be, and go forward in our new midlife. This next marvellous stage.

Take time and take stock, where are you now. How do you feel. What do you need. What do YOU want. If I can help and support you in any way, get in touch and let’s talk.

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