For the time being, all classes are now being held online.
The great thing is, we still get to work together, in our classes and one to one sessions so we can maintain that class and community feel. Keep ourselves moving, motivated, having fun and supporting each other.

The classes will be delivered via the online platform Zoom. When the class has been booked and payed for, I will send you the link to the class.
If you would like to download the it in advance here is the link.

So, what’s on offer?

Starting in July there will be the new Complete Fit Membership. 
• 4 x live 30 minutes workouts a week = Monday 08.30 and 18.30, Wednesday 08.30 and Friday 08.30
• 1/2 x Pre Recorded workouts a week = One Low impact and one High Impact – 10 to 30 minutes in duration  (Tue/Thurs)
• Weekly subject to talk about
• Recipes, Nutrition and Health tips
• Health and Fitness Q&A’s
• Masterclasses – time planning, goal setting, motivation for example
• Mini challenges
• A Release and Restorative live and pre-recorded when scheduled

Who is this for?
Women who:

•    Are over 35 who are wanting to learn more about their health and fitness as they enter peri menopause and beyond.
•    Who want to know the right type of exercise to suit you as you go through this life stage?
•    Continue on your journey with Complete fit based on previous classes and programmes you have completed.
•    What to share and try out recipes that will nourish and support you.
•    Ensure they are working on your Cardiovascular system, Bone health, Hormonal health, Stress levels – the good and the bad, Pelvic Floor Health and general wellbeing.
•    Be part of a community, working with others, being motivated, supported and having fun.
•    Want the option to use the membership to fit around you, your lifestyle and time whilst getting all the above.

What do I need?:
 Before we begin, complete a pre-screen exercise form.
•    A clear space to workout in
•    A computer / laptop / phone etc to view
•    Suitable clothing and footwear Minimal equipment – the more you have the more varied you can make it, ideally: Dumbbells, Kettle bell, Resistance band – with and or with out handles, mini loo band. If not, we can improvise.


I am still offering the wonderful Holistic Core Restore(r) programmes, all online:
Every Woman, Athlete 12. RelEase with new Zen Woman and Fit 2 Run later in the year and  Personal Training (now in and around Paddock Wood). Working together one to one can be arranged at suitable times for you, because I do not have school age children,  I can be flexible with my working hours.

As always a Pre-screening form will be completed before we start any programmes or classes. Exercises are and can be modified if necessary.

Unfortunately, I cannot massage you, but we can talk and demonstrate massage techniques that will be of benefit and come up with a programme that can help with any muscular issues.

There are also pay as you go 30-minute workouts throughout the week, using body weight, and if you have it, equipment such as dumbbells or resistance bands.
We will warm up, work through a variety of exercises and then cool down.
There is a morning, lunch time and evening classes available.

Class Prices:

1 x 30-minute class £6.50

1 x month Complete Fit Membership £35

Click the link to to book a class or join the membership  Book and Pay here

Payment will be taken on the 1st of each month, you can cancel at any time.
Once payment has made for the month there are no refunds.

Please read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy