I want women to talk, discuss and share knowledge as they go forward,  from their postnatal recovery, their midlife and beyond, armed with the best resources and information available.

Having worked with women at all stages of life, I know that the information available about Menopause, Pelvic health issues women face, and their general health and wellbeing, has been sadly lacking.

These areas are not being talked about enough or are being dismissed as the “norm” by some professionals and women themselves. There is no generic answer, we are all unique, and need to be treated as individuals.

As a fully qualified Holistic Core Restore ® Coach, I work with women in small groups or on a one to one basis to focus on their overall pelvic health and wellbeing. If you have any pelvic floor dysfunction, stress incontinence, mild prolapse, or have you been told to “work on your core” or “strengthen your pelvic floor” then the Holistic Core Restore(r) programme is for you and every woman.

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