Do you have an abdominal scar, from a C-section, Hysterectomy, Appendectomy or Laparoscopic procedures?
Scar massage can both reduce tightness and restrictions the scar may have on the surrounding areas of your body?
Has your scar had an effect on you in any way?

Scarring is a natural result of the body healing. It could have been from a planned, or unplanned procedure or from a knock, fall, or a burn for example.

The process of scar formation starts the moment the body recognises there is a wound – and it sends in the repair team to get to work.

Over a period of days and weeks layers of the skin affected by the cut begin to heal.
The healing process can vary person to person and nutrition, hydration, rest and movement all play a part in this process.

Once the body has formed scar tissue we may notice that the area feels tight, moves less and there is a loss of feeling around the scar tissue and our movement above or below or around the scar may be restricted.

We may not acknowledge the scar, or notice the changes it has bought to our body, both physically and emotionally.

Massage can be used to help ease and relax tight and sore muscles, enabling you to relax and feel better. Retraining movement patterns and bringing awareness to our bodies.
The same applies to having a scar tissue.
The scar itself may feel OK, but the connective tissue around both the immediate and surrounding tissue can become stuck. These adhesion’s develop over time and can contribute to that feeling of restriction.

Working on abdominal scars can often address may of the issues mentioned above.
Does any of this resonate with you or:

  • If you have recently (or a long time ago) had a an abdominal procedure and have a scar?
  • If you feel restricted or have discomfort in any part of your body?
  • If you have returned to exercise and things don’t feel quite right?
  • If you feel disconnected from your scar?
  • If you Pelvic Floor isn’t working as it used too?
  • If you want to know how to work on your scar ?

By assessing the scar and surrounding areas and working out a holistic programme of treatment, many symptoms can be alleviated.

Before any treatment, you will need to complete a thorough pre screening form, so I can plan the best treatment for you.
We will then be able to arrange a time for your first treatment,  which will be 90 minutes and discuss the screening form and the plan for treatment, carry out an assessment.

To being with, we will use massage and movement to relax you and warm the muscles, before specific work begins on the areas needing treatment.
We will work above, below, around and maybe on the scar, taking into account the areas around that are restricted or stuck by using a variety of massage techniques and active movement.
Reassessment after the treatment and home care and support will be given too.

Whilst one treatment is a great start, it is recommended to have at least 2 to follow up with to make real changes in the restricted areas.

Abdominal Scar Massage Therapy Prices

First appointment Assessment & Treatment

£ 75

1 Hour 30 MinutesFirst Treatment will be 90 minutes, this includes, reviewing the screening form, a full physical assessment and agreeing a treatment plan before we start.

Individual Follow UpOne Off Appointment

£ 50

1 Hour

Two 2 x 1 Hour Appointments

£ 90

2 Sessions

Three3 x 1 Hour appointments

£ 130

3 Sessions

Massage treatments can be carried out at my home in Five Oak Green.

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