Personal Training

1-1 personal training and small groups up to 4 people.

The Why:

Why do you want a Personal Trainer?

  • I need motivating.
  • I don’t know where to start on my health and fitness journey.
  • What I used to do isn’t working any more, and I’m not getting the results I want.
  • My body is changing as I get older, and I want to know what I should be doing.
  • I’m worried about my bone health and heart health and know I need to exercise.
  • I have an exisiting health condition that needs to be taken into account.
  • I want to be able to run, keep up with the kids / grandchildren, pick up heavy things, be mobile and do the things I want to without being restricted by my fitness level.

We all need guidance, support, and motivation.

To show up and do the work to get the results we want.

It may not be easy. It may mean change.

But ask yourself, how will you feel when you achieve your health and fitness goals.

You are the only person who can do the work, but I will help you work towards your goals.

The How:

During each training session I will take you through a series of exercises / movements that are suitable for you and your goal.

Each visit will vary – using weights, body weight, a range of equipment, types of exercise systems and varying repetitions, to circuits and HIIT (High Interval Intensity Training) so you do not get bored, but we will always have focused on what you want to achieve.

Getting to your goal isn’t just about doing the exercise, it is taking account the whole picture.  Nutrition and lifestyle factors play a big part, which we will focus on throughout your journey.

If you like the thought of working out with a friend, if you have similar goals, why not, it will be twice the fun, or if there is a group of you training for an event then why not train together. It will bring out the competitive streaks and the bonding as working together as a team, not to mention motivating each other during the session!


Individual 1-2-1:
1  PT SESSION £60 Per Hour

Small Group 2 – 4 PEOPLE:
Starting from 1 hours Group training.
The cost divided by the group:
2 people £90
3 people £120
4 people £140

Location: I am Based in Five Oak Green, sessions take place at my house, or the local recreation ground. I can travel to you, location and time will be taken into consideration and travel costs applied.

To begin your personal training journey arrange your free consultation call:

I have known Caroline for many years, and she has also been my Personal Trainer in the local gym.

Working with Caroline has been fun and educational. Her gentle, persuasion and encouragement, means that one achieves one’s goal with perseverance.

Since working with Caroline, I have been able to progress with my exercises at home, knowing that I have been taught the correct way to perform them.


Caroline is a true professional yet is kind, calm and compassionate.

I have experienced her sports massage and fitness training and can highly recommend both.


Caroline has been my PT for over 4 years and my continued loyalty to her is proof that I appreciate all her hard work and encouragement.

She invests a lot of personal energy and time into tailoring my lessons to cater for my injuries and growth. She continues to expand her cv of qualifications, which only helps me further, and has always been flexible with her appointments and availability.

I genuinely look forward to our sessions. Not only to learn something new and push myself further.