The foundations for our midlife – things to think about, assess, implement, and thrive with.

Midlife, sounds simple, and maybe it is, but when you delve a little deeper there are many layers to it!

As a women in midlife I have more questions than ever, more plans and things I want to do, whilst being in the “middle” of many things – a parent, daughter, colleague, partner, friend, health issues and goals, navigating life on a day to day basis, and sometimes not having the time or space to focus on “managing My midlife”

Thinking about all the areas we need to consider, I came up with an Acronym!

M: Movement
I: Identify
D: Daily
L: Lifestyle
I: Implement
F: Flourish
E: Environment

Lets delve deeper and begin considering these areas if we are not already.

M: Movement.

Is. Non. Negotiable. We need to move for our current health and self and for our future self. How do we move, how does our body feel – strong, mobile and able to do the things we want to do with relative ease. Is this an area you work on, are aware about?

I: Identify.

Where are you in midlife, are you perimenopausal, post-menopausal or beyond. Is this stage one you are familiar with, know about, have adapted to in any way? Are there things that you haven’t been aware of but now need some further investigating? Have you identified other areas you want to focus more on, or not? Health, Wellbeing, Career, Relationships, Dreams it could be anything.

D: Daily.

Every day. Working on yourself in many ways – I know you’re busy. But every day take a couple of minutes to check in and ask yourself, what do you need to do today – for you, for others, what must be done, what can be left until another time. How are you going to move today, eat, rest etc. Daily actions can become much easier than things all happening at once at a later date!

L: Lifestyle.

How is yours? Current stress levels, habits, routines. What lifestyle factors support you, nourish you and which ones don’t but are part of your current lifestyle? Is your lifestyle similar to what it was in your 20’s? Is it working for you now as it did then?

I: Implement.

Can you implement what you want to do, achieve, plan for and take steps towards, what have you identified. One step at a time, small actions can lead to big changes. But putting things in place no matter how big or small is the key. Need to drink more water, how about a glass as soon as you wake up? 

F: Flourish.

Flourishing, are you? Are the areas in your midlife letting you flourish? If not, what will help, what isn’t helping. We may not flourish at everything but finding a way is hugely important. A change of routine thought process, delegation, making time what can assist in getting you to flourish in midlife?
We want the amazing moments as well as the everyday little moments where we can be present and flourish – already flourishing, that’s wonderful. 

E: Environment.

Look around you, where you spend your time, your surroundings, does your environment work for you right now. This includes people, boundaries, space, work and time.  As well as what is all around us, in the big wide world, the things we consume, breath, put in our body and on it. Globally we are all aiming to be environmentally friendly, this also applies much more locally – with you. 

Being in midlife can be a lot more complex than we think, but it doesn’t have to be hard to navigate. Looking at all areas – what’s great, what are we aiming for, what needs some attention, changing or getting rid of. We can Manage our midlives, one step at a time, or maybe in one big swoop!

⭐Where are you on your midlife journey.
⭐What do you need.
⭐What do you want your midlife and future midlife to look like?

If I can help you look through these elements, discuss with you, listen to you then get in touch and lets arrange a midlife chat.

Caroline x
In the Middle with you