Complete Massage

Massage for YOU

Do you struggle to switch off and make time to relax?
It’s time to calm the nervous system and make space for you to stop. ~

Are you suffering with muscle tightness and discomfort such as shoulders and lower back?
Is it time to ease tightness in those muscles that can contribute to muscular imbalances arising from everyday life and activities.

Have you had abdominal surgery and experiencing restriction in the scar area?
Not sure how to treat or work on the scar to help with the (new or old) restrictions?

Complete Massages available are:
Midlife Relax and Recovery
Deep Tissue Massage
Scar and Hysterectomy Massage
Oncology Massage

Shoulder Massage

Midlife Relax and  Recovery Massage 

Relaxing Massage

The total stop, lie down and relaxation treatment for you.

As a midlife woman, we have many responsibilities – maybe kids, parents, work, friends, commitments, LIFE. With all the things you have going on, often you will put your own self-care at the bottom of the list…

Stop right there.
Maybe the thought of time out for you is a luxury you don’t have time for or dare I say it feel you deserve?
Well, I’m here to tell you self-care is not a luxury, it is a necessity, non-negotiable.
Why massage, why not just sit in the garden and read a book or meditate or …. (Insert here and they are great things to do…), because having a massage means you will stop.

“I don’t deserve this, time just for me, when there is other things I should be doing” a client told me before a treatment.
This is exactly the time you need now, to focus on you so that you are able to do all the things that need to be done, you know the oxygen mask analogy – we have to put ours on first before we can help others…

So, come and Rest. Relax. Not be distracted, or called upon, you’ll be taken care of for 60 minutes addressing what you need – easing aches and niggles, reconnecting with your breath and body, letting your nervous system reset and unwind.

Lets work on those tight shoulders, which are always up by your ears… am I right?! 
Breathe in, breathe out and soften those shoulders.

Deep Tissue Massage 

Postural issues, Tension, Stress, Tightness, Muscular Imbalances arising from everyday life and activities.

Years of sitting hunched over a computer, compensating in a movement pattern that in turn can lead to more discomfort.

Anything that can stop the body functioning optimally.

The aim of a session/s is to have helped alleviate tension and help the tissue to regain its original shape and form. To allow the nervous system to relax and let go, which help release endorphins, which are our feel-good hormones.

If there is a specific issue, then further treatments may be required.

One treatment will make you feel amazing, but what we do after that session will play a big part in your recovery and ability to help improve your issue.

Sports Massage Technique for Thighs

Oncology Massage

Are you currently undergoing cancer treatment, have you recently completed treatment, or are you living with the aftereffects of cancer? You may be wondering, “Can I have a massage during or after cancer treatment?”

Yes, you can.

Massage is a powerful tool that can support and nurture you during this challenging time. Here’s how massage therapy can help:

Ease Treatment Symptoms: Massage can alleviate many of the uncomfortable symptoms associated with cancer treatments, helping you feel more at ease.
Regulate Your Nervous System: It promotes relaxation, reduces anxiety, and helps your nervous system return to a more balanced state, minimizing feelings of overwhelm.
Encourage Relaxation: Massage gives you the opportunity to stop, relax, and simply be yourself, away from the stresses of daily life and treatment.
Relieve Muscle Tension: It helps to relieve tight muscles, improve restricted movements, and enhance your range of motion, breath work, and overall connection with your body.
Boost Mood and Wellbeing: By releasing serotonin, the happy hormone, massage can improve your mood, promote better sleep, and enhance your sense of wellbeing and healing.
Customized Treatment for You

Every massage treatment is bespoke and unique, just like you. With your individual needs in mind, we will plan and carry out a massage tailored specifically for you.


Sports Massage Technique for Thighs

Our Process

Initial Consultation: Our first contact will involve a 30-minute pre-screening session via Zoom or phone call. This allows you to share details about your current health, treatment plan, and anything else you’d like me to know. It’s also a chance for us to get to know each other.

Scheduling Your Treatment: Based on our consultation, we will arrange a time for your massage. Sessions can range from 15 to 60 minutes, depending on how you’re feeling, your current health, and where you are in your treatment journey.

Post-Session Care: After our session, I will provide home care tips and support to help you manage symptoms and maintain your overall wellbeing between treatments.

I understand the complexities of balancing treatment, work, home life, and personal goals. My services are designed with your unique circumstances in mind, ensuring that you receive the care and support you need during this time.

Scar and Hysterectomy Recovery Massage

Do you have an abdominal scar, from a C-section, Hysterectomy, Appendectomy or Laparoscopic procedures?

Scar massage can both reduce tightness and restrictions the scar may have on the surrounding areas of your body?
Has your scar had an effect on you in any way?

Does any of this resonate with you or:

  • If you have recently (or a long time ago) had an abdominal procedure and have a scar?
  • If you feel restricted or have discomfort in any part of your body?
  • If you have returned to exercise and things don’t feel quite, right?
  • If you feel disconnected from your scar?
  • If you Pelvic Floor is not working as it used too?
  • If you want to know how to work on your scar?

By assessing the scar and surrounding areas and working out a holistic programme of treatment, many symptoms can be alleviated.

To begin with, we will use massage and movement to relax you and warm the muscles, before specific work begins on the areas needing treatment.

We will work above, below, around and maybe on the scar, taking into account the areas around that are restricted or stuck by using a variety of massage techniques and active movement.

Reassessment after the treatment and home care and support will be given too.

To accompany recovery from surgery I also offer Holistic Core Restore(r) Recovery programme, click here to Find Out More

Whilst one treatment is a great start, it is recommended to have at least 2 to follow up with to make real changes in the restricted areas.

Lovely all-encompassing treatment and I felt very comfortable at all times with my therapist who was both professional and caring and evoked a sense of calmness.

Having had a couple of one-off massages I decided to book a block of 4 in the summer special offer to really try to sort some niggles out. 3 down & 1 to go & I can feel a difference that is more longer lasting than the one-offs.

Really targeting specific areas is so beneficial & has made me realise that a massage shouldn’t just be seen as a ‘treat’ every so often but is a commitment to looking after my body as I get older & ensuring it keeps working well for me.

You have made me more aware of my body & where I hold tension & it wasn’t always where I thought!


It was FANTASTIC, and I felt like a new woman afterwards! I was able to move my neck so much easier after my massage and all the aches and pains I had, just went away – LOVED IT!

Thank you, Caroline x,



Pre-Screen and Assessment, Hands on Massage and then Follow Up

Seated Massage Available, ideal to bring to the office and have effective 10 to 20 minute massage.
Contact for further details. 

To book your massage please Contact me here stating which massage you would like, and I will send you the pre-screen form:

The massage will take place at my home in Five Oak Green.

Covid: Your health and wellbeing are my priority, as is mine. I work with many people and have family members who are still vulnerable.

I will be continuing to lateral flow test and if I do test positive I will be isolating and will let you know asap to rearrange your session.
I ask that if you are positive, have symptoms of Covid or are feeling unwell that you let me know so we can rearrange your treatment. 

The treatment room will still be ventilated between treatments and during the session.
All materials used and cleaning will still be kept to a high standard.

If you have any questions, then do not hesitate to get in touch.
Cancellation with 24 hours notice will not be charged.

 Massage Qualifications:

  • Certified Oncology Massage Therapist (Susan Findlay)
  • Level 4 award in Sports massage (T3 Education)
  • Level 3 Sports Massage (Burrell Education)
  • C-Section, Hysterectomy and abdominal Scar Immersion (Burrell Education)
  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation Course