Ladies who Walk and Talk

Where do you walk? How often do you go for a walk?
Walking in Five Oak Green, Tonbridge, Paddock Wood, Tunbridge Wells Kent.
We are lucky to have an abundance of green space – fields and orchards, parks and towns we can walk in.

As a Personal Trainer, Holistic Core Restore(r) Coach and Massage therapist I endorse the benefits of walking to my clients all the time.

A few of the benefits of walking:

  • It’s free
  • A great way to become more active
  • It can be incorporated throughout the day– a walk around the block at lunch time, taking the stairs, parking further away
  • Can improve and maintain good cardiovascular, bone and muscle health
  • Fresh air and sunlight / day light which contributes to our circadian rhythm – our natural rhythm for when we wake and go to sleep
  • A change of scene, time for your thoughts to process some ”head space”, calm and your mind can wander
  • Can be very sociable

Walking on your own or in a group?
If you need some time to yourself, then a walk in your own company is perfect, if you want some company, chance to talk with others then a group walk, be it with friends or an organised walking group will offer many benefits.
Different company, new conversations, getting to know new places to walk, mutual interests or goals, sharing experiences.

Join us for a Walk and Talk? 
After our first  “Walk and Talk” in October, which was really enjoyable, I am arranging another one for November.
We will start in Five Oak Green and explore one of the many walks I go on with my dog (dogs are welcome, but are the owners responsibility – and we do pass through a field with sheep)

We’ll be out for about an hour and a half.
All you need is yourself, suitable clothing and footwear and some water.

Details can be found in the events section on my Face Book page, take a look and let me know if you’d like to join us.