Guest Blog

Let’s face it, divorce is not an experience anybody is lining up for!

Life changes on a fundamental level; suddenly we become an individual rather than a couple, finances may be under pressure, co-parenting challenges could become part of daily life and a new future stretches out in front of us. On top of that; all this happens whilst we are dealing with one of life’s most emotionally distressing events.

As a result, our well-being can take a bit of a battering and it is not uncommon to experience stress, sleep problems and even depression.

To counter this, consciously taking responsibility for our wellbeing is really important. Staying as healthy and sane as possible throughout the divorce process will help you achieve the best outcome.

Thinking about what you eat and for many drink (!) is crucial. Comfort eating and hitting the bottle is rarely a good idea. Feeling bloated and hungover is not going to make matters better and of course we all know this. So, instead, think about nutrition and what makes your body feel invigorated and nourished. During your marriage you may have had to compromise on family meals, is there an opportunity now for you to eat in a way that suits you better?

For many, exercise provides sanctuary at this time. We’ve all read about the natural high that exercise brings and even if it’s is not your passion, trying a new sport or attending a class will rarely be regretted. Finding somebody like Caroline Kerslake at who offers holistic fitness and wellbeing programmes tailored to what you need, would be a great start.

Yoga bridges the gap between mental and physical health and Caroline Miller at provides some of the best around. She also offers meditation and even sports massage, so, she’s a glorious one stop shop for physical and mental wellbeing.

Wellbeing is also about nurturing and treating yourself; take the time to do things that make you feel truly wonderful.

Helen Turner at is my go-to for heavenly beauty treatments and stunning products. As a fellow divorcee, she better than most, understands how a luxurious massage or facial treatment or even just using one of her gorgeous facial oils can lift your spirits.

Or, how about absorbing yourself in a new activity which will allow you to completely switch off for a few hours. Concentrating on newly learned skills will give your mind a much needed break from the divorce and its surrounding worries. There is a raft of opportunities out there, from learning a new language, taking up gardening or how about really treating yourself and trying a glass workshop with ? Creativity is an outlet that is much underestimated in its ability to restore and repair our fractured emotions and a session with Alisa definitely hits the spot.

Alongside all of these lovely ways to take care of yourself, don’t forget to get the right support to help you through your divorce. Actively taking control of your divorce and making sure that you are making the very best decisions for you and your family, will ensure that your wellbeing is maintained as you enter the next phase of your life. Divorce coaching can make sure that you have the time and space to really consider your options on all divorce related matters and that you take the rights steps for you.

However you choose to take care of yourself, make sure that you are left feeling truly wonderful and uplifted. This difficult time will not last forever and if, on the other side, you are healthier, fitter, mentally stronger and equipped with new skills and knowledge, all the better.