Complete Midlife “Summer Energise Camp”

Our routines can change at this time of year, lots going on, holidays, activities, places to be, juggling work and holidays etc.

The Complete Midlife “Summer Energise Camp” begins just before the holidays do. It is time for you to prepare for the weeks ahead with daily workouts, health habits, recipes and general midlife goodness, then we return in August, to check in, add some more workouts, daily health habits and recipes to refresh us for the rest of the holidays.

Join me for 7 days to take time for you, get focused and energised in August for another 7 days to check in and re energise for the rest of the holidays.



“Summer Energise Camp”

Who is this for?

Midlife Women who:

Women who want a few days to focus on themselves, workout and feel great after before getting into the holidays

Connect with like minded women, who understand that time is precious and there is always lots going on.

Would like some daily healthy tips to support them during the 7 days and into the holidays to work with their health and fitness goal whilst enjoying summer

Would like know the workouts will be supporting your whole body -cardiovascular system, muscle tone and strength, bone health, and addressing stress levels and general overall wellbeing.


What is included in the camp?

Just 5 Minutes

 “”Daily Live 15-minute workouts:
A variety of workouts over the 7 days – that are designed for us in this midlife stage of life.

Monday 07.30
Tuesday 18.30
Wednesday 07.30
Thursday 18.30
Friday 07.30
Saturday 08.30
Sunday 09.00

Daily Health Habits
For today, tomorrow over the summer which will give you focus on your goals and how you want to feel over the summer

Daily Recipe
To help with planning, inspiration and nourishment for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks.

Private Facebook Group
All workouts will be streamed live into the “Complete Fit Monthly Membership group”, to be completed with me, or at a time that you want #catchup.

Support, motivation, connection amongst those in the group, midlife conversations, holiday talk and a relaxed vibe (interaction is totally optional)
Access to all the workouts and content from 18th July until 30th August.


Tell me more

What do I need?

A clear safe space to workout in.

A Facebook account to access the private group and all content (if you do not, thats fine, the workouts will be on zoom to so you will have access to those live classes and a link to them if you can not make it live)

Suitable clothing and footwear.

Minimal equipment – the more you have the more varied you can make it for example: Dumbbells, Kettlebell, Resistance bands – we can work with what you have and improvise. Everything can be done with just body weight.


When do we start and how Much £?

Week 1 Was, Monday 18th July 2022 – 24th July 2022 – YOU WILL RECEIVE WEEK 1 PRE-RECORDED 7 DAYS

Week 2 Monday 15th August 2022 – 21st August 2022

Investment: £20

Before we begin, a completed a pre-screen health form will need to be completed to ensure that the “Summer Energise Camp” is suitable for you. All workouts will have alternative suggestions for exercises and as always, we only work within our range, if in any doubt we check it out!

All details and links in the button below.