Complete Midlife Audit and Reset

It is a privilege to work with so many women all going through their midlife, all at different stages, all coming to the conclusion that it’s time to sort stuff out!

What stuff though? There may be many areas that we haven’t had time to stop and look at – what do we want out of xyz, how clear do I feel about xyz and where I want it to be in the future with xyz.
Common areas are Health, Relationships, our Environment and Fun

Maybe you haven’t had the time to focus on what really matters to you now?
Now is the time to do this.

To help with this midlife audit, I have the Complete Midlife Audit Reset Workshop for you.

The Workshop

Who is this for?

Women who:

  • Are wanting to learn more about what they want in their midlife, dreams and goals. Not just their health and fitness.
  • The time to stop, put pen to paper and have the space to visulaise the possibilities she has.
  • Want some focus, to gain some clarity, ask yourself how you want to feel, and to have a direction for 2022.


What to expect?

  • Expect a relaxed, informal time where we will be looking at clarity, purpose, and outcome. Focussing not just on health and wellbeing, but looking at lifestyle and mindset, the whole-body connection.
  • We will work through activities that will be thought provoking, open – let our imagination be involved and fun. Setting the scene for the areas to look at in our life, using a “Wheel of Life” template.
  •  Take time to think, dream and explore what we would like to add to these areas, or take away.
  •  Be in a safe space to talk (or not) about the areas we all experience, to see other perspectives and insights
  •  After this session with the outcomes you have found, you will leave with more clarity on where you are at with this area of your life, putting in place and together a positive action plan for 2022.
  •  Leave knowing what it is you want to focus on and the steps to take, and who can help with this process. 


What do I need?

Just yourself, a diary and your favoutie writing pen

Everything else will be provided at the workshop.


Investment in the 3-hour Workshop is £47.
This workshop will be in person or on zoom a maximum of 4 per workshop.

Location will be at my home or local to it in Paddock Wood.
In person workshops will be during the week and zoom sessions evening and weekends.

After the initial workshop there will be:

Monthly accountability group to check in with
Further one to one session as well.

For more information and to find out when the next work shop is get in touch.


I enjoyed the time to talk and to listen. I know what I want to put into action now and can see that in front of me. Having realised that my overall health is my focus, because when that is in check, everything else falls into place


I was a little nervous about “examining my life“ but it really helped to look at it in sections and really think about how I felt about and how I can if needed improve some of them.


The workshop was so well thought through and extremely thought provoking. Leaving me feeling really positive about where I am and what I could achieve.