Complete Fit Midlife 
Therapeutic Coaching

Is it time for you to : menoPAUSE, be menoPRESENT and gather your menoPURPOSE?

Do you or have you something/s that is or has been on your mind? Would you like to talk it through. To be heard, not interrupted, or given a quick fix but supported in a safe space for you to explore, process and work through what it is?

We often don’t have time, or make the time to acknowledge the thought, sit with it, notice how it makes us feel, not just in our head but in our body too.

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Midlife, the time to Reflect, Review, Regroup,
Revive and Revere.

Relaxing Massage

With therapeutic coaching, together we look at the whole picture from the past, in the present and towards the future and combining not just what is going around in our head, but how our body has been and is responding to the topic/thought too:

Therapeutic coaching draws on the world of coaching, cognitive behavior therapy, counselling and psychotherapy but also uses somatic, self-compassion and polyvagal theories. Looking at the root causes of personal distress, such as core values and beliefs, personal / familial history and being trauma informed.

We will make time to understand the power of pausing, to become more present, gain new perspectives, priorities and new ways of developing prosilience (an accumulation of resilience) and from this place of authenticity and deep self-inquiry, start to take action and build the purpose driven dreams of our lives.

Who is Therpeautic Coaching for? You, Me..

You know it is time to …

Real life, Real Women, Real world.
Our past, present and future are all connected.
Is it time to look deeper at the topic/thought?

Now what…
Ready to take the next step? 
Pause. Take a few deep breaths, listen to what your body tells you…

Complete Fit Midlife Therapeutic “Pause” Coaching packages:

Pause 1:
1x 90 minute discovery session to explore the coaching process and see if this is right for you. This is an ideal time for a midlife audit and reset.
Investment: £90

Pause 2:
3x 60 minute weekly sessions to begin the coaching process with weekly support and accountability.
Investment: £180

Pause 3:
6x 60 minute weekly sessions to have the time to work through one or more areas, with support, actionable steps and understanding more about your needs and wants.
Investment: £330

Pause 4:
12x 60 minute weekly sessions the time to reflect, reassess, go deeper and understand more about your needs and wants. The areas that come up during the session to be heard more of, you are supported, actions to assist with your pause and the process.
Investment: £600

The sessions will take place via zoom. The sessions will be for 60 minutes, the amount of sessions will be discussed during our discovery call and completion of your pre-screen form.

Payment can be paid in full or in instalments.

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What Clients have to say about the Complete Fit Midlife Coaching:


Q: As you went through the coaching journey, how did it change things for you?
A: Realising that it is ok to put myself first. It is easy to say this but not easy to do

Q: What was the thing you benefited from and/or enjoyed the most?
A: Feeling able to speak to someone who was outside of my immediate family who doesn’t rely on me for anything and able to talk honestly.


“I went from seeing only problems to seeing my way forward. I made changes to my work life balance which are still ongoing – not only booking holidays, but also retiring one of my roles, having taken a good look at my life and realising I could afford to make this choice for myself and my wellbeing.”


“I felt more positive and more able to listen to myself and be more self aware.
Taking time weekly to review how I am feeling and what I can do to meet my needs on an ongoing basis, not letting things pile up and be ignored.”