Can you take a couple of minutes to think about your Midlife Movement?

Think about your movement as being “tools in your toolbox” for your peri to post menopause and midlife journey and why it’s non-negotiable to have them there – and while we are looking, lets look at the type of tools you have too!

Movement in midlife ladies is non-negotiable for a healthy body and mind.

Why? Well, we need a variety of movement to be able to move in all planes of motions – up, down, side to side, rotational moves, forward and back, to keep as mobile as we can for our day to day activities now and in years to come. As the saying say “if we don’t use it we lose it” And as we get older, hormones fluctuate which have changing effects on our bodies we need to work at  maintaining and encouraging renewal and growth as much as we can.

Movement. It is non negotiable

Exercise and movement is the key.

Adding resistance by incorporating weights, our bodyweight and a whole host of other “things” we can use, keeps our bones and muscles strong, cardiovascular system working well, balance, coordination and cognitive health active and engaged, ensuring our nervous system is able rest and relax when needed too – it not just about doing the “work” we need restorative movement and rest too.

We want to be able to move in a way we enjoy, benefit from and feel great doing so.

Just 5 Minutes

Why Do I/we need to take this into account?

I’m a midlife women in Perimenopause, here are my reasons for moving in a variety of way on a regular basis:

It is not to be THE fittest, strongest, leanest midlife woman, but a midlife woman who can get on with her daily life with as much ease and ability as possible:

🔸I move to get from A to B
🔸I move because it makes me feel good
🔸I move to ensure internal and external bodily processes keep working
🔸I move to maintain my ability to “do things”
🔸I move to improve my ability to “do things”

Midlife movement includes:

🔹Lift heavy stuff (household things, weights)
🔹Walking,  get outside as often as possible
🔹Mobilising, stretch and notice areas that are tense or hindering movement
🔹Getting hot and sweaty – quick workouts are great for this
🔹Resting and repairing, take time to allow the magic to happen in between your activities

As mentioned above, exercise and movement, are two of the many ways to help manage the peri to post menopause transition (and preparing for our future selves).
There are lots of things we can have in our toolbox to help manage our menopause and mojo, movement is one of them, where ever you are, and whatever you are doing we can move in some shape or form!

Movement can:
⭐️ Prepare us for the things we want to do,
⭐️ Help our mood – turn that frown upside down
⭐️ Make us feel good a sense of wellbeing
⭐️ Get us feel strong,
⭐ Keep our joints mobile
⭐️ Give us “me” time
⭐️ Maintain muscle and bone strength
⭐️ Get things moving – in our digestive system

Jump. Pelvic Floor prepared

What else can help manage menopause – knowledge, education, asking for help and support, Hormone Replacement Therapy – HRT, Rest and Relaxation, assessing what you need now and what you want. Finding what works for you, maybe you use everything in your toolbox, or just one or two things, you may add more to the box or take some out, and that’s ok.

Don’t forget we are a constant work in progress as is our midlife and all aspects of it:

Midlife. We need to move. It is non-negotiable.
Find how you like to move and do it. For ourselves now and for our future selves

If you are not sure where to start, how to move, of have questions, concerns, are time poor, have any health issues that need to be taken into account, get in touch and let’s chat.

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