Fitness and  Wellbeing

for women entering midlife and beyond.

In our midlife we need strength, movement and self care.

Do you feel “lost in the middle” are you looking for a trainer who will guide you, motivate you to get the results you want and need throughout your midlife and beyond? Do you want to prepare and thrive at this exciting time of life? Do you want to have fun and enjoy the process?

Midlife can be a time of many changes

Taking this all into account I provide exercise and movement, group classes and massage for overall strength and relaxation for women as well as Therapeutic Coaching, becuase sometimes we need to pause, process and find out what we need and want:

  • On 1-2-1 or in Small Group Classes (in person and online)
  • Who have existing health conditions
  • Need a change in lifestyle and routine
  • Starting out on their health and fitness journey
  • Preparing for Hysterectomy surgery and recovery, as well as other abdominal surgeries
  • Want a new and effective way to workout
  • Who have Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
  • Want to incorporate self-care into their daily life
  • To feel fit, strong and in control of their health in midlife
  • Want to enter the next phase of their life knowing how to retain their health needs

Since working with Caroline, I feel like I have improved both mentally and physically, the tummy isn’t anywhere near as big as it should have been since the lockdown!

I would highly recommend using Caroline, whether it’s for a massage, PT or all of her services, she’s so positive and makes you feel so much better and helps you realise that you can achieve anything.

Thank you, Caroline


I joined Caroline’s fitness and wellbeing programme in summer 2020 and it’s been a lockdown wonder-drug physically and mentally!

Easy-to-access, 30 min online works-outs, tailored for women in their mid-life (and older) are helping me get fitter and stronger and this friendly community of women keeps me encouraged and accountable to turn up!

Whether I’m at home or travelling, Caroline’s live classes are instantly there at the click of a Zoom link or on catch up. Plus, there are loads of resources and tips for whole-person wellbeing.


Caroline has been my PT for over 4 years and my continued loyalty to her is proof that I appreciate all her hard work and encouragement.

She invests a lot of personal energy and time into tailoring my lessons to cater for my injuries and growth. She continues to expand her cv of qualifications, which only helps me further, and has always been flexible with her appointments and availability.

I genuinely look forward to our sessions. Not only to learn something new and push myself further.


“My aim is to help women over 40 prepare for a better menopause experience and beyond, through movement, self-care and lifestyle-without overwhelm and feeling lost.”


Personal Training:
Training based near Paddock Wood. I will guide you if you are just starting out, and not sure where to begin, help push your limits, enhance your fitness, set yourself new goals and achieve them with one-to-one guidance and support. Always taking into account what is going on in your life, the time you have and any health issues to be mindful and supportive of.

Massage and Self Care
To relax, restore and revive your body and mind from my home near Paddock Wood (and online)
We often have areas that we know are not working optimally, massage can help re address the balance and leave you feeling so much better.
Choose from: Midlife Relax and Recovery, Deep Tissue Massage, Scar and Hysterectomy Massage and Oncology Massage
Carried out near Paddock Wood. Seated Chair Massage can be brought to your office in the surrounding areas: Paddock Wood, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells.

Online Classes and Membership
I offer 5 online classes throughout the week with a monthly membership focussing on 30-minute full body workouts that are designed for women aged 40+. We workout together online, have a private Facebook page so we can maintain that class and community feel. Keep ourselves moving, motivated, having fun and supporting each other.
Other courses and programmes are held online too.

Therapeutic Midlife Coaching:
We often don’t have time, or make the time to acknowledge the thought, sit with it, notice how it makes us feel, not just in our head but in our body too. Midlife is the time to do this. Find out more.

To discuss further book your free consultation call:

Personal Training

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Midlife Coaching

Holistic Core Restore

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