Complete Fitness and WellBeing

By Caroline Kerslake


Holistic Core Restore ®

Pelvic floor, core fitness, nutrition & wellbeing for every woman at every life phase


Massage Therapy

To help relax, restore and realign.


TWOga Fit

Two exercises, two fitness professionals, twice the impact


Personal Training

1 to 1 personal training and small groups up to 4 people


Welcome To Complete Fitness & Wellbeing

Women’s Health for all life phases, Massage, Exercise, Movement and Group classes for strength and relaxation.

I want to look at the whole picture – it’s all about YOU…

Do you need help with lifestyle changes? Getting into or progressing your exercise and movement regime? Assistance with postural issues or help to relax and unwind through massage?

Have you had a hysterectomy? Maybe you are beginning your  peri- menopause journey, or have been through the menopause and need a tailored training programme?
Do you experience some form of pelvic floor dysfunction, and want to learn more and work on your pelvic floor and core health to help restore and strengthen  during this phase of life and beyond?

To be encouraged, motivated and guided?

Then if you do, I can help you with that.
I am a Personal Trainer, Holistic Core Restore(r) Coach and Massage Therapist based near Paddock Wood.

Take a look through the services I provide for you.
If you would like to find out more, or arrange a consultation call, then send me a message in the contact box. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you on your Complete Fitness and Wellbeing journey.

About Caroline Kerslake

About Caroline

Will help, guide, motivate, encourage and support you on your complete fitness and wellbeing journey. I am driven to help motivate, inspire, guide and support you on your health and fitness journey, as your Personal Trainer, Holistic Core Restore(r) Coach or Massage Therapist – or as all three.

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Personal Training Caroline Kerslake

Personal Training

Personal training based near Paddock Wood. To guide you if you are just starting out, and not sure where to begin, help push your limits, enhance your fitness, set yourself new goals and achieve them with one to one guidance and support.

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Massage Therapy

To relax, restore and revive your body and mind. We often have areas that we know aren’t working optimally, massage can help re address the balance and leave you feeling so much better.
Choose from Sports Massage, Abdominal Scar Massage and Seated Chair Massage. Carried out near Paddock Wood.
Seated Chair Massage can be brought to your office in the surrounding areas: Paddock Wood, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells.

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Holistic Core Restore Caroline Kerslake

Holistic Core Restore®

I am your coach for Paddock Wood, Pembury, Tunbridge Wells and surrounding local areas. Whatever life phase you are going through Holistic Core Restore® programmes ensure that your pelvic health, core fitness, nutrition and wellbeing is optimal so that you can do the things you want to do, and not have to worry about or except that certain symptoms are normal and should be accepted.

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TWOga Caroline Kerslake

TWOga Fit

Will make you work, get you stronger, make you sweat and challenge yourself and then help you relax and unwind with yoga stretches and breath work to leave you feeling rejuvenated by the end of the class.

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